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I'm guessing you're asking… well, what is this all about then?

Fetish Visions is all about one thing. The Fetish/Erotic world doing something a little special for the Cancer support of Macmillan Trust with ALL profits of this event being donated. (That means we DO NOT make a penny, dollar, euro, cent… our time/energy and effort are free to this cause!!)

To find out what they are all about check out their site at www.macmillan.org.uk

What they do is something a little special but mainly operate with the support of fund raising. I could sit here and type a huge long list of what they do for the people that suffer with cancer, or how much they help in supporting their families. But to be honest they are the best people to be able to do that, so please check the link above.

What are we doing to help this hugely deserved cause?

That's easy. The art world do so much in one form or another for the fight against cancer but the fetish and erotica world always gets left out. Mainly because we are treated as being seedy and pornographic. But cancer doesn't choose its victims by how they lead their life or their interests… so why should the fund raisers?

Fetish Visions is putting on an auction of art, photography and other items that are based on the fetish/erotic life mixed up with a party/club feel with known DJ's and a few drinks. There are even whispers of a live voice hitting the mic. We also hope to find donations of clothing and other such things. But all comes to those who try their hardest and a little luck… so keep an eye on us or please get in touch with donations. We want to raise as much funding as humanly possible. "Just to show the fetish world does come with a heart". Be you a photographer / artist / performer / clothing & equipment retailer or a fan / follower of the life style WE NEED YOU!

If you can attend or bid by phone/computer that is just as cool.

The date we have is Sunday 27th September 2009 and the venue is something a little special - the White House in Clapham.

For tickets, please visit www.moreonthedoor.com

For more information or queries regarding advance bidding, or if you wish to make an advance bid on any item you see on the "Auction" page, please email bids@fetishvisions.co.uk.

For general enquiries, please email info@fetishvisions.co.uk.

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